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Are you searching for a reliable company for selling your truck? Well now you don’t have to worry when you have Chicago Junk Your Car at your service. We will not only exchange your junk car but also your junk trucks.

Moreover, we provide with cash for your running trucks in Chicago without going through the condition of your truck.

We are among the leading names for selling and buying of the trucks in Chicago. At any moment whenever you decide to sell your truck don’t forget to contact us.

How are we better than another service provider?

There are several service provider available in the market. But no one can compete Chicago Junk Your Car. We are known as one of the leading brands in the industry for selling and buying of junk trucks in Chicago.

We provide with the following services and we are sure that no other brand could provide with these amazing services for customer’s satisfaction.

Free Towing service

We provide with free towing service without taking a single penny from our customers. Moreover, if your vehicle is fully damaged then we will tow it from your doorsteps.

Fast and instant cash

As soon as we tow your truck we will provide you with instant money on the spot. We don’t make any fake promises and we are known for our honesty and loyalty.

The condition does not matter

Most of the service provider does not taketrucks if they are not in a good condition. But we are not concern about the condition of your vehicle.


If we need to discard any part of your car then we will make use of only those techniques which will not harm the environment.

So, get started and enjoy cash for running trucks in Chicago. We are your right hand buddy whenever you need to exchange any kind of junk car, includingtrucks for a huge amount of money. So pick up your phone and call us at (773)394-2466.

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