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Chicago Junk Your Car

Chicago Junk Your Car is a premium car company in the cash-for-cars market in Chicago. We serve all over the Chicago metro area and we are here to act as your key guide to exchanging your old junk car with some cash.

We pay top cash on the spot for any car in any condition, and we always put our customer's satisfaction first, that is why we go to our customer’s doorstep to tow their cars, bearing in mind that we provide free towing and inspection services.

Adding to that, our prices are unbeatable. We buy junk cars and do our business all on the same day, so you will not have to worry about wasting your time. You will have your junk car towed away and your pockets blown up.

Moreover, our customer's comfort is our optimal goal. That is why we made the process easier for you. We made sure that you will have to deal with minimal paperwork during the selling process. This is only one of the reasons all our previous customers loved exchanging cash for cars.

Besides, you do not need to worry, we have all your issues covered. Whether your car is in a bad state or has no title, we purchase any car in any condition and pay you cash in hand on the spot. The chance is yours, do not miss out on selling your old junkie in exchange for unbeatable cash, contact us and do not let this opportunity slip out of your hands.

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